Abbas Ibn Firnas: The First Aviator (Pioneer Series) Paperback

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A thousand years before the Wright brothers created the first motorized airplane, a 9th century engineer and polymath from the Spanish (Andulusian) city of Ronda - Abbas Ibn Firnas became the first human in the world to successfully fly. His ingenious and life long work resulted in creation of a glider made from silk, wood, and eagle feathers, which he used at the age of seventy to successfully fly for over ten minutes. Abbas was a genius of his era and a master engineer. Some of his noteworthy inventions include the water powered clocks, Andalusian glass, an instrument that simulates the motions of the plants and stars, and a fully functional planetarium filled with special effects. Abbas devoted his entire life to science and wrote many books on mathematics, physics, astronomy and engineering that were taught in the University of Al-Andalusia.He has been honored around the world, with his name attributed to various places such as the ‘Ibn Firnas Airport’ in Baghdad, Iraq, an ‘Abbas Ibn Firnas’ bridge over Guadalquivir River in Cordoba, Spain and the ‘Ibn Firnas’ crater on the moon. Pioneer Series has produced this one of a kind book with beautiful illustrations targeted for elementary and early middle school aged students to educate them about this remarkable scientist and engineer. The highly engaging story in this unique book is told through the lens of a group of friends who are taken into the past as they are reading a magical "Book of Jewels". Second part of the book is filled with fun and educational activities including multiple choice questions, a maze, word search, coloring sheets, and step by step instructions to create a glider using household items. The glider activity also teaches the young readers about the four forces of flight. About the Pioneer Series: Nurturing courage, confidence and love of knowledge in young minds through stories on great individuals and leaders that transformed the world through their wisdom, inventions, discoveries and exploration.


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  • Author: Rafia Rehman (Author), Muhammad Yusuf Rana (Illustrator), Dr. Abdul Rehman (Contributor), Umair Zia (Contributor)

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