Al Razi: The Great Scientist (Pioneer Series) Paperback

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PIONEER SERIES presents an illustrative book for elementary school aged children introducing them to the great 9th century scientist, Al-Razi. Beautifully composed, the story begins with a group of friends finding a treasure chest while playing in the park. The content inside of the chest takes them on an adventure into the past where they learn about Al-Razi and his contributions to the various fields of science. Additionally, this one of a kind story book introduce children to some scientific concepts in a simplistic way and provide them with lessons on the importance of learning and helping others. The second part of the book is filled with fun activities. This section of the book includes; 1: Word Search, 2: Maze, 3: Science experiment (Become a Scientist using household items), 4: Multiple choice Q&A, 5: Be a Dr. Identify items. and 6: Coloring Sheets. (Activities are only included in the Paperback format). About The PIONEER SERIES: Nurturing courage, confidence and love of knowledge in young minds through stories on great individuals and leaders that transformed the world through their wisdom, inventions, discoveries and exploration. Al Razi was a genius of his time. His contributions to various fields of science are tremendous. He was a philosopher, musician, mathematician, chemist and a physician, who wrote over two hundred books during his lifetime and is considered one of the best physicians ever lived. He strongly believed in the idea of patient-physician relationship, and the importance of diet in treating illnesses. Al Razi was the first in the world to write on mental illness, and Psychotherapy. He promoted the idea that mental well being plays an important role in physical health, and further promoted that mental illness has medical basis. In chemistry, he successfully purified Ethanol and introduced its use in medicine, along with discovering sulfuric acid and its uses.


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  • Author: Rafia Rehman (Author), Muhammad Yousaf Rana (Illustrator), Umair Zia (Contributor), Dr Abdul Rehman (Contributor)

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