Basics of Islam: Pre-Primer (Part Pre-K)

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This series presents the study of Islam in an attractive, comprehensive format for children. Islamic studies enables children to view Islam in all its aspects and to accept it as a way of life. Basics of Islam aims to do just that. This textbook guides children in various activities of their world, whether at school or home. A complete guide to correct behavior and etiquette in various stages of life, this series molds children’s attitudes and is guaranteed to become a trusted companion during the transitional and delicate period of their teens. It refines habits and manners, creating a rich and endearing personality. The process of learning includes knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and implementation of concepts. A sure key to success, this series discusses topics in a vocabulary familiar to children. Part 1 features large text and colorful illustrations that will capture the attention of young readers. This textbook is written in easy-to-understand English text with occasional Arabic script for supplications and selections of Qur’an. Topics include who is Allah, respect to parents and teachers, important phrases to say before starting anything, and more. It is an invaluable teaching aid for teachers and parents. Multi-colored pages inside.


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  • Author: Safia Iqbal
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