Bidaya Textbook سلسلة بداية - كتاب التلميذ

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A Book Designed To Teach Any Learner How To Read The Book Of Allah Correctly—No Matter What Their Educational Level Is, No Matter What Age They Are, And Regardless Of Whether They Are An Arabic Speaker Or A Non-Arabic Speaker.

Bidaya Book Chapters:
1) The Alphabet And Its Forms.
2) The Alphabet With The 3 Short Vowels.
3) The Alphabet With Tanween.
4) The Alphabet With Sukoon.
5) The Alphabet With Long Vowel Marks.
6) Complementary Lessons.
7) Final Test. Important Tajweed Rules Bidaya Book Is Available In The Following Languages: Arabic, English, And Turkish.


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  • Author: Shekh Ahmed Al-Sheikhi
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  • Pages: 78

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