I Love and Learn the Arabic Language Workbook 4 أحبّ العربية وأتعلّمها ٥

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The I Love Arabic Series comes to you from expert language teachers living in over 41 European countries. It helps Arabic learners to deal confidently with Arabic culture, plus different types of reading and listening passages:
1.Reading techniques are developed through the study of a wide selection of authentic reading passages
2.Careful balances of authentic and scripted listening materials build confidence whilst offering the ability to communicate with native Arabic speakers.

Student Textbook:
The text is comprised of 14 units discussing critical issues of a child’s world. Each unit is divided accordingly:
Reading Dialogue: Simple and short passages comprising linguistic structures of sounds, vocabulary, expressions, and syntax structures.

Workbook: The patterns of exercises include:
Reading Comprehension: Exercises aimed at determining the level of children’s comprehension for the meaning of dialogue expressions.
Vocabulary: New vocabulary words concentrate on synonyms and antonyms.
Writing Composition: This section focuses on word expressions and sentences to reinforce more complete writing skills.
Grammar: A special concentration of theory and practice make learning grammar easier to understand. This section assists students with written and oral expressions skills that will improve their overall thinking and pronunciation sound.
Linguistics: Each unit introduces specific linguistic skills regularly accompanied with examples and exercises.
Dictation: Fill in the blank exercises reinforces grammar and spelling lessons.
Handwriting: Students practice writing Arabic letters, words, and then expressions. Illustrated Dictionary: An illustrated dictionary appears at the end of the workbook and includes word sets found throughout the lessons making memorization easy.


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