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This textbooks is a fun and systematic approach to teaching children the Arabic language. The Arabic library is filled with books and ways to teach children the principles of the Arabic language. Shelves are packed with these types of reference books because of the: 

  1. Weakness of the Arabic language curriculum in Arab countries, as children tend to learn other languages that appeal to them and use more creative and colorful methods of teaching.
  2. Decision by the Ministry of Education to teach the Arabic language using the same approach as is used to teach English; an approach that over time has proven to fail miserably when teaching Arabic.
  3. Lack of a beautiful production style in the creation of the Arabic curriculum that encourages children to learn and love Arabic.

Old New Methods: The evening clubs in Kuwait and the Arabic Gulf have been crowded with new teaching methods, which have added some new elements to the quality of teaching. Because of this, the number of children who can read at an early age has increased. However, these methods were based on the old traditional style that is modeled on the book style of learning. Thus, instead of developing a love of the Arabic language, the child comes to hate it.
The book I Read is an essential addition and heralds a new style in teaching, which utilizes beautiful pictures and illustrations, clear vibrant colors and an effective approach that successfully joins learning with fun.

Why this book? My Fun World Library published the second edition of the Fun Reading book after the first edition sold out. 3,000 children have learned the Arabic language’s grammar and skills from My Fun World Library. With such results, we changed the name and added more content, so that the book I Read creates a new spin on Fun Reading. This new release features: 

  1. A systematic method to teaching children the Arabic language that supports a partial, incomplete approach. What we mean by this is that we teach children the letters first, then how to join three letters to make words with fatha, kasra, damma, and madd. Then, al-lam al-qamaria and al-shammsia are added, followed by al-taa al-marboota and al-maftoha, and finally al-hamza.
  2. The production style, colors, and games are created to attract and engage young children in the education process, making it fun and exciting.
  3. The use of pictures to explain the meaning of the words provides children with an understanding of the words without the need to constantly ask someone its meaning.
  4. The variety of ways used to engage a child’s mind. Puzzles, coloring, matching, shading and other fun tools assist the child in finding the answer.
  5. Interweaving stories into the teaching of the Arabic language adds excitement and delight, while providing a rich knowledge base.
  6. The addition of new skills previously not included such as the al-taa al-marboota and al-maftooha and al-hamza to complete the skills a child needs to be able to read and write the Arabic language in its different forms.
  7. Small cartoon characters are included to provide more fun in reading. The reader will notice that we have included, in the first part, two new characters. Also, in the second part are two new older characters.

This book is suitable for

  • Morning and evening clubs that open their doors to children year round.
  • Every mother or father who wants to teach his/her child at home before entering the educational system.
  • Every Arabic language teacher of first and second grades looking for an innovative and creative way to teach children.

This series consists of 4 levels containing 2 parts each, with a student and teacher book, as well as two supplemental books.


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