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Itqan Series for Teaching Arabic Kindergarten Level KG1 Third: Teacher’s Guide - The book has 96 (21*28) pages with just two colors - The guide starts with a short introduction that clarifies its purposes, which are to teach the four basic skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. - After the introduction there is a long introduction entitled (Between The Guide’s Hands) that exposes many issues, such as: o The main purposes of the books at this level o The methodology of composing kindergarten level books. This helps the teacher, parents, and educator understand the components of the three books, how they were composed, and the various themes of the activities that each one contains. o Methods for teaching different skills (listening, reading, chants, expression...) are included. The introduction includes useful details that help the teacher and parents teach these skills carefully and according to the right principles. - The book describes each of the eight units in detail, going through the twenty-four lessons, and it provides the teachers and educators significant assistance in: o Stating the goals of each unit o Presenting the unit’s (or lesson) listening text o Stating the specific goals of each lesson of the units o Presenting clear and detailed guidelines on how to deal with each activity from the Student Book and the activities of the Exercises and Activities Book - Presenting extra activities (that do not exist in the Student Book and Exercises and Activities Book) to fortify the different skills in the child’s mind, and help the teacher and parent to teach and fix any issues using the right method. - Offering the necessary guidelines and methods to teach the chant that is found at the end of each unit, so the kids can enjoy the chant and so that the teacher assures the achievement of the desired objectives.


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