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My Fun Letters book is for the first stage of kindergarten and My Fun Words for the second stage of kindergarten are a step to rebuild a civilization which started education beginning at infancy. 

About the new My Fun Words book:

  1. A suitable book for second stage kindergarten kids who mastered the letters of the Arabic language, how to write it and trained on them. 
  2. The book introduces children characters: Ahmad and Zaynab. They are five years old.
  3. All the curriculum words revolve around them and we made sure that the first word the child learns in this book is زرع (planted) so we can plant the concept of work and building civilization in children's minds.
  4. Each word in the book has a picture so that the child wouldn't read a word he doesn't know its meaning but looks at the picture, understands the meaning and knows the word. Then he knows how to write it and compares it with other similar words, and so My Fun Words book is good for Muslim children who were born in the western world whose parents want to teach them the Arabic language because by looking at the picture, learning and understanding is easy. 
  5. The book in its first part discusses three main chapters: Al-Fatha, Al-Dumma, and Al-Kasra, wherein the child learns to read words of three letters only so it's easy to read and understand. 
  6. In the second book, however, there are four chapters: Al-Sukoon, Al-Mad Bi Al-Alif, Al-Mad Bi Al-Waw, and Al-Mad Bi Al-Ya’. It starts gradually with the child reading at the beginning of this book words consisting of two letters, then of three letters, then of four letters, then he reads sentences of two or three words. The book mixes between education, fun, making special experiments, fun artworks and telling pleasant stories.

He surpasses his classmates!

  • This book prepares the child for first grade because it graduates a child who can read to read 185 words, who is able to join the first grade curriculum without a time to prepare or to review or to introduce the basics. 
  • The child who studied My Fun Letters book and My Fun Words book and graduated from kindergarten precedes his classmates in first grade because he can read simple stories while his classmates are still reviewing the alphabet.

Raising the Level of Education
This is an invitation for the educators of public and private schools to apply this curriculum to raise the level of education in the Arab world and interests the child to learn the Arabic language. This curriculum with these two productions combines education, fun, amusement, painting, coloring and hearing stories. We won't miss to invite the one in charge of kindergarten to invest these two years of the child's life in the correct establishment of Arabic language through excitement. 

Goals of this book:

  1. Publishing a special curriculum for the second stage of kindergarten
  2. Teaching the principles of reading and writing on a correct basis
  3. Raising children to love their beautiful Arabic language
  4. Achieving a distinguished addition to Arabic library in education field

New in this book:

  1. Logical process in teaching the principles of Arabic language
  2. Presenting the curriculum in a modern way that makes the child draw, color, and makes things with his hands
  3. Entertainment, fun, and amusement through connecting letters with pictures, art works and stories
  4. Planting the correct concepts through presenting some stories from the Holy Qur’an and the sunnah
  5. Dealing with the word as a building and the child as a builder

Our ambition:
To build a complete curriculum to teach reading and writing for all school stages where "My Fun Letters" book is the cornerstone.

This series consists of 4 levels containing 2 parts each, with a student and teacher book, as well as two supplemental books.


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