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The Safar Learn by Heart series aims to revive the often neglected sunnah of the Prophet of remaining in Allāh’s remembrance.


This unique Duā book has a very clear layout which aids in memorisation. The fadaa’il and benefits that are mentioned after the duās encourages students to remember and continue reciting these duas at their given times.

• DUAS FOR ALL OCCASIONS The sylllabus has been devised to include duas for all important parts of a Muslim’s life
• AUTHENTIC DUAS All duas have been checked for authenticity and references have been stated for them
• MARKING SYSTEM A unique marking system has been added to the book to help note mistakes students make during memorisation
• ORDER OF IMPORTANCE We’ve arranged the duas in order of importance and occurance in the life of a Muslim
• COMPLETE SYLLABUS The books balance the need to learn duas as well as surahs by merging the two into the syllabus
• FADAA’IL AND EXCELLENCES Wherever possible, the excellence of each dua has been mentioned and referenced
• LEVELS AND TARGET A system of targets and levels has been adhered to which will greatly help teachers and parents


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