We Are Muslims: Grade 4 Workbook

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This workbook has been designed to be used in conjunction with the We Are Muslims: Grade 4 textbook. This workbook is a practical tool to help students comprehend the important topics found within their textbook. The activities in the workbook assist students in comprehending each lesson’s principle focus.

“We Are Muslims” is the first textbook written to introduce the basics of Islamic 'Aqidah, Akhlaq, Fiqh, and Tawhid in a structured manner for beginning readers. The topics are selected keeping in mind the interests and abilities of six and seven year old children. Beautiful illustrations and an attractive design keeps young readers interested throughout the book. 
The accompanying workbook is designed to reinforce the material covered in the text while also providing practice in critical thinking skills.


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  • Author: Samana Unnisa Khan
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  • ISBN: 9781563160790

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